On the Mat, Off the Mat


My journey with Iyengar Yoga started in 1999, with a single book, Yoga – The Iyengar Way. Since the beginning, I have always been very interested in the practice, methodology and philosophy of yoga. My interest in anatomy feeds my understanding of yoga’s effect on the physical body, while the study of yogic philosophy helps merge that with the mental and spiritual aspects.

It has always fascinated me that the challenges I confront, both on the mat and off the mat, are surprising similar, as are their solutions. I am deeply passionate about helping people find ease in their bodies and balance in their lives through yoga. After an incredibly long and life changing journey, I completed the 3 year Introductory certification through the Iyengar Institute of South Africa, under the expert guidance and support of my teacher Brigitta Tummon, along with the other incredibly wise and knowledgable teachers in Cape Town.

In my classes, you can expect thoughtfully planned sequences which will both challenge you and foster learning about the wonderful art and science of yoga. You will definitely feel calmer, a sense of well-being and gain a deeper insight into yourself.